Different Ab Workouts to Thin Your Stomach

Different Ab Workouts to Thin Your Stomach

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Get measurable improvement from your stomach-thinning workout.

The stomach is made up of four separate muscle groups that all need to be worked and cleared of excess fat to achieve visible thinning and toning. Spot-toning exercises alone aren't effective for achieving a thinner stomach. Successful core-thinning requires a workout program that tones all the abdominal muscles, burns significant fat and includes warm-up and cooldown exercises. A healthy diet that results in more fat loss than gain each day is also critical.

Entire-Stomach Toning

The four abdominal muscle groups include the front -- upper, middle and lower; internal and external sides; lower waist; and torso. Bicycle crunches are one of the most effective exercises for complete stomach toning. Or combine exercises to activate all four groups, for example, double crunches lifting both your upper and lower body, oblique crunches and standing twists. Add cardio exercise to reveal toned muscles. Warm up and cool down with waist and back stretches.

Get Stronger and Leaner

Fitness boxing is an example of a waist-thinning cardio workout that also exercises the abdominals. Suitable for beginner through advanced fitness levels, this intense training is used by professional fighters to enhance speed, power and endurance. It uses non-contact boxing moves including punching motions and leg movements like jumping, running in place and skipping. The entire body, not just the stomach, becomes leaner and stronger from this combination of fat-burning and muscle-toning workout.

Lift Weight for a Hard Core

Weightlifting creates a higher percentage of total body muscle, and that means increased metabolism and fat burning even when resting. To burn fat and increase muscle tone without increasing muscle bulk, lift weights light enough to complete three sets of 16 repetitions without pain. Warm up before starting and stretch for one minute between sets. To build more muscle, increase the amount of weight to allow for eight repetitions, and stretch and rest for three minutes between sets.

Pilates Tightens Deep Muscles

Pilates, which involves many different core-strengthening exercises, tightens the deep abdominals. This workout creates an awareness of and focus on specific muscles. To thin the stomach, the front and side muscles are pulled in toward the bellybutton while holding various isometric poses. Muscle-focused twists and isometric poses held while twisting tone and define the torso and waist. An hour of intense Pilates can burn significant calories, but beginners should also add cardio exercise to their workout program.

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