Exercises to Tone Around the Waist After Losing Weight

Exercises to Tone Around the Waist After Losing Weight

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Even after losing weight, you might not be happy with your waist.

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Weight-loss is a major accomplishment, but even after shedding significant fat, your body might not be everything you hoped. For a svelte waist and attractive abs, you'll need to do muscle-building routines to help you harden the area. You also need to continue with your current diet and exercise routine to continue losing weight or maintain your weight loss.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Even if you've lost significant weight, if you notice excess fat on your waist, targeted exercises won't help. You'll burn more fat with regular cardiovascular exercise. Continue with your current diet and exercise routine, but consider revving up your cardio routine. Interval training is one way to do so. Try alternating between a minute of moderate exercise such as walking or jogging and a minute of intense exercise such as running or sprinting if your current cardio routine isn't helping you shed fat.

Keep it Traditional: Crunches

According to a 2001 study by the American Council on Exercise, some varieties of crunches are highly effective at toning the abs and waist. ACE recommends bicycle crunches for toning your obliques, and crunches on an exercise ball to target the rectus abdominis muscles. The vertical leg crunch and reverse crunch can also help you achieve your waist-toning goals.

Lift the Legs

Leg raises use the core muscles to elevate your legs, and you can try several variations. One of the most challenging ab exercises is the flutter kick, which uses your abs to lift your legs off the ground and then spread them to either side as you lie on your back. The lying leg hip raise, incline leg hip raise and vertical leg-hip raise can also help sculpt your waist.

Exercise Machines and Equipment

In its ab exercise study, the American Council on Exercise found that the captain's chair maneuver was the single most effective exercise for sculpting the obliques. The cable standing twisting crunch, lever lying crunch and lever push crunch can also help you achieve your goals. When you use exercise machines, start with a relatively low weight and gradually build to more weight as you gain strength.


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